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Dealer SEO and SEM

I just wanted to say what a wonderful job GolfCart Manager has done with my website and integration. I have had many compliments on the ease of navigating through my site. I am so much more efficient uploading inventory and am happy with my investment. I would recommend them.

From start to finish, GolfCart Manager makes my job as a salesperson so much easier. I have noticed that since our launch of our new site, we have acquired customers from more markets and a broader customer base. This helps us grow our sales by reaching more customers and increases our exposure on the web. Perhaps the best part of GolfCart Manager is the amount of detail allowed for the ads I post. Now, when a customer comes onto our lot, they are more educated on the products. This allows me to grow my commissions by spending less time with each customer explaining features and benefits. Instead, many customers have already seen the ad and merely want to see the unit in person before they purchase. In addition, the amount of customers that call and purchase over the phone without even visiting the lot has increased. Finally, I have been very pleased with the willingness of the GolfCart Manager staff to listen to my needs and quickly add features to the website that help me streamline my postings. I would recommend every dealership be involved with GolfCart Manager.